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October cold front


I'd like to see one..... Sure isn't in the 10 day forecast. Kind of hard to get excited about burning a stand in this weather. I'm thinking of hunting a low percentage spot to protect the better places, just would like to get a hunt in. I did find a scrape under an apple tree today, which was somewhat encouraging.

What are others doing?

Wapsi Tree Rat

Well-Known Member
I went out tonight. More than anything it was to get out of the house after my wife unfairly accused me of going into pre rut way too early. Nothing moving except for mosquitoes. Those little boogers are excellent hunters and open season on humans with plenty of tags to fill! I got center punched several times.

If you can hold off without going crazy or getting chased out of the house, I would recommend it.


Forecast doesn’t look promising but it can change. I’m waiting patiently. Cams have showed little movement as well. Makes it easy to not get an itch.
Goose hunted the last two days with no luck. Kind of random tries will put more effort in to next weekends hunts.

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Well-Known Member
Waiting for it to cool down and Skeeters to be dead. It is always a good idea to get out and knock the rust off though. Seems like I always forget something my first couple of times out.


Super Moderator
Been so warm hadn’t even thought about it. Cams are showing almost all movement after dark.

Not worth it to burn a spot up yet


Active Member
It is always a good idea to get out and knock the rust off though. Seems like I always forget something my first couple of times out.

So true! First time is always what did I forget routine.. Last year it was my harness. Aaaand back to truck we go..

Cooling down a touch early this week. Might try and get out Tuesday evening.


Well-Known Member
I'm still taking kids through tonight. I probably won't start hunting for myself until mid Oct, and then only sparingly until about the 25th.


I was looking around to make sure my gear was ready, found my release and the bow tow rope in the pocket of the clothes I was wearing when I tagged out last year. That tells me the clothes didn’t get washed before getting hung in the closet.

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PMA Member
My fault fellas, I bought an early muzzleloader tag this year, so of course it's a million degrees out and cams are dead. . I probably won't hunt until the first time I go out early muzzy at this rate.


Active Member
I did a set this morning at a buddies place, more to catch up with him after the hunt.
I probably won't hunt until late October now


Well-Known Member
I say it year in and year out…we are always ready before the deer are lol

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Let’s go Brandon!
I wonder how many kids in the last three weeks if asked to go hunting but they said na its to hot??
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