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Old fashioned field scan time lapse mode


PMA Member
Put up a cam several weeks back on a field edge mock scrape and the grass in the background moves more than I thought it would. Then some coons decided to adjust my camera angle as well, so that didn't help matters. Lol 95% grass blown triggers I would say. Nothing worse than finding that your cam SD card filled up after 7 days and stopped taking pics right as the cold front moved in. :( Tell me I'm not the only one still making rookie mistakes! Haha


Well-Known Member
I have had a terrible run this year with issues like this. Coons mostly messing with camera angle. I'd say most of us who do this for fun in our fleeting spare time make plenty of mistakes. I do.


PMA Member
We all learn by trial and error at times. I made the mistake of hanging a camera on a small tree on a field edge years ago, not a good idea, windy for days and got a ton of pics of nothing.


Pretty sure they are in cahoots with the deer
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I get the blowing grass all the time, especially if putting the camera in CRP. I swear I need to mow at least a 100 yard radius around the camera. I put one on video mode to test it out one year...about 7 hours later the card was full! Have done the small tree thing as well. May have done the not turning the camera on thing as well. Usually if my camera angle is messed with, it is by deer or cattle.


Active Member
I'm just glad the days of "rush to Walmart to get 24 pictures of blowing licking branch one houred" are over!

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