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Oldest kid dusts one


Been a frustrating season for Abby. Close calls, not quites, and slip ups galore. Past couple sits ruined by coyotes, mushroom hunters, and float sprayers.

We got set up around 2is in a spot I had full confidence in only to see a squirrel, pheasant, few deer, and some rabbits all afternoon. By the time 7 rolled around we were ready to go. I knew we had to wait till at just 730 and glad I insisted on staying!

At 715 2 gobs walked over the hill and charged in. Abby couldn't get her legs situated, couldn't get on one because they were playing "Chinese fire drill" around the Jake deek, and here's her brother behind her saying "shoooot shoooot shoooot!"

I could see her shaking badly and flinching, then heard her say "duh, the safety"...


These little 20 gauges with Triple Beard HeviShot do some damage. Nice 3 year old bird

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Turkey Time
Congrats! Man they are growing up! Won’t be long and you’ll be walking her down the isle !
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