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Oust XP

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PMA Member
Feb 20, 2006
Yup, supppppppper powerful stuff. Knocks back grass and some weeds extremely well. It amazes me how little of those granules it takes in a backpack sprayer to be effective.

You can possibly save some money and get Spyder XP from Keystone Pest Solutions online

Side story: I once had some extra in a backpack sprayer and decided to spray some problem areas in the rocks at my parents. Worked great, no weeds there all year! But.... the rain washed the chemical away and let a huge bare spot through a corn field. Probably 1/2 - 1 acre of just dirt the entire planting season. Crazy to me it can do that.


Staff member
Nov 13, 2007
Central, IA
Sligh, what do you use for preemerge on your shrubs?
Variety based on what I have on hand. I do plan on spraying later as well. On second spray- I like Liberty over round up to kill weeds.
So- pre-emergents for shrubs…. Surflan, prowl h20, s-metolachlor (dual), very light simazine, etc.
I usually run 2-3 pre-emergents. Then I’ll respray with Liberty (glufosinate) + 1-2 pre-emergents again later on.
All this stuff is widely available, no restriction & not very expensive.
Echo above. POWERFUL. I like to spray spots in fall that I’m going to spring plant into.

one HUUUUGGGE point of CAUTION….. avoid Oust on fruit trees & shrubs. It’s too much. For many varieties.
Hardwood & conifers- it’s fantastic stuff!!!
Private forester wants it broadcast in a 2 acre tree planting thats probably 5-7 years old. My issue is the trees are 2' - 7' tall and not in rows. Almost have to use boomless and its a couple hundred yards uphill from a creek. From all I have read and researched this isn't really. Recipe for a fail safe application. Maybe I am over cautious but that is the way a spray

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Active Member
Jul 31, 2008
Southeast NE
Thank you Skip, I have prowl and s-metolachlor on hand already, I use that for my weed control in soybeans. Again, thank you.

This year's planting looks like I planted velvet leaf in the tree/shrub rows. It is as thick as corn is in a corn field. I hand pulled and chopped all weeds in 2' radius of tree tubes but the shrubs are on their own until next spring. I can't see them through the thick weeds at this time. Out of 750 trees, I only have 12 that didn't make it so far. Shrubs, no idea.


Sep 20, 2005
east central iowa
I used it around 1700 6" Cedars we planted this spring. The trees were planted into Roundup strips in April. Went back in a month ago and hand sprayed a combo of Roundup, 2-4D, and Oust. I would place a 5" plastic tube that came off of my leaf blower around the seedlinig to protect it, and then spray around it. It was a lot of work, but completely smoked all the vegetation around the seedling and nothing currently growing back. The seedlings are on a hillside with no signs of runoff.

I eyeballed the Oust mix. It would be nice to know if anyone has a per gallon mix rate available....and a good way of measuring and mixing the granules.