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Owen's first deer


Active Member
Yesterday morning was an awesome morning to be in the woods. At first light we had an 8 point and spike buck chase 2 does by us (seems kind of early for that) the buck stopped at 20 yards and Owen took a shot but I think buck fever got the best of him because the arrow hit In front of him.
About an hour latter we see 2 doe walking the field edge heading away from us. I told Owen that I'd be surprised if they came back and I suggested that we got down as we had to go meet family latter in the morning. He said with a stern voice that he wasn't getting down till 9:30.
To my surprise 30 minutes later they Come back. She walked into the shooting lane at 25 yards, as he drew his bow she turned a hard 1/4 away and before I could stop him he let the arrow fly. I couldn't see where the arrow went but Owen was sure he hit her.
After about 10 min I made the decision to get down and see if his arrow was laying there or if we had blood. I slowly tip toe over and found blood immediately at point of impact. I get back into the stand where we wait for another 45 minutes

When we get down we follow the blood trail for no more than 40 yards, I could not believe where his arrow was. I told him he couldn't be proud of the arrow placement but the outcome was good this time.

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PMA Member
Congrats Owen!! The first of many no doubt...and congrats to Dad as well. Good job guys!



Active Member
Congrats Owen!! That is awesome zach! I cannot wait until my kids hunt with me. Getting closer ?

Central Iowa

Life Member
Good eats and congrats young man! You are out there getting it done and learning the lessons we all go through, I love it.


Super Moderator
Put one there myself onetime when I was first starting out too.

Very cool first archery buck Owen, the first of many I am sure!!!
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