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PERFECT LIME & FERTILIZER!!! Not practical small scale.


Staff member
Small scale - no go.
Bigger (say 40+ acres) this is by far, the best lime & fertilizer a guy can get.
LIME: Des Moines waterworks lime. Long story short: no magnesium (huge!!!!!), fine & starts working incredibly fast. All the data on it is just top tier. Better than quarry lime IMO. & last 5+ years at rate I’m applying. Cheap and amazing.

The next: COMPOST!!!! Oh my gosh!!! Put it this way- better nutrient value than chicken manure with no weed seeds & 30% Organic matter!!!!!! This destroys commercial fertilizer and even manure. It was free - needed to pay for trucking. Check this out!!!! Crazy high N rates, calcium & does lower ph with the lime & organic matter is bananas !!! Micro & macro nutrients - amazing. Would cost probably $400-500/acre++ to TRY to buy same thing at coop (which u can’t get stuff like organic matter from coop). This is trucking & spreading cost only. Game changer. Boring to look at but this is it. Check out this analysis!!! Lbs per ton is on the right. 3-4 tons to the acre. It’s gonna be awesome!!!


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Is that compost from the city or what was used originally to produce the compost?
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Staff member
Is that compost from the city or what was used originally to product the compost?
This one is from a company that collects food waste from supermarkets. U can get it from the cities most the time if u search. I am sure this company got some kinda “government grant” to recycle food waste. If a guy searches a “60 mile radius” - usually a place that has it. It’s amazing & so much better/healthier for soil vs commercial. The one angle I thought of…. If it qualified to spread on organic ground - the lack of weed seeds vs any manure that’s full of them- that’s a HUGE benefit. Even on conventional ground- manure brings a lot of weed seed where this doesn’t.


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Anyone with experience on Deer Grow plot start seems be way go Small scale on ace plots that need PH adjustments ?

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