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PETA undercover



This was posted on IA Outddors.com by a bowfishing buddy of mine, thought you all might find it interesting.


I truly feel like I just got stabbed in the back this time. Go to this site to see who is in the latest PETA headlines. Yours truly took an undercover Petard out for a fun filled day of tournament bowfishing if you recall my prior Schwackmaster Classic post talking about this. You try to do good PR work and then something like this happens.

The guy that we took out with us posed as an independent video producer wanting to do a promotional bowhunting/bowfishing documentary and I have to say he was very convincing. Obviously because he sucker punched two teams in separate states. He did not look the part nor did he act like someone from PETA. What he posted on the website is just a twisted way of displaying the day we had. We did nothing illegal or unusual and were very politically correct in every aspect of what we did and said that day.

My biggest issue right now aside from the bad public relations stemming from this is the exploitation of my son in the video on PETA TV. I do know that I will never have someone I don't know with a camera or video camera in my boat ever again!! I knew this would happen some day, just never thought it would be me.

In reading the trip reports from both Iowa and Texas I can see just how twisted they can make it sound and how ridiculous it sounds the way they portray it, fish strategically lining themselves up on top of each other to try to escape the barrel..........................they've been watching too many Disney movies!!!!

Unfortunate as it is for me and my son to be slandered like this we can get some good from all this. We all need to learn from our experiences in Iowa and Texas and put our guard up a little more. I always knew the day would get here but had the "It wouldn't happen to me attitude" If I would have had my guard up I could have easily seen the signs the day we took him out. But with the PR Promote Bowfishing to the World attitude I had, I was blind sided by this.

I am in no way suggesting that we shouldn't continue to promote the Outdoors, just don't be as trusting of everyone as I was. I just wish so bad that I would have known, I would have had some fun with him. Last night my son and I were talking about that day and he asked me if all PETARDS were vegenites. I said yes for the most part and he came back with, "that's funny, he had a ham sandwich for lunch that day" I guess he thinks that ham just comes from the grocery store and not from a slaughtered pig!!

Not sure if I will be trying any legal action based on the fact that I allowed him in my boat, but he did falsify information so I don't know what to do. Not reacting would probably be the best medicine for them. Just be aware of your surroundings and the people you are with, awareness is half the battle.

I know that several hunting and fishing groups here locally are benefiting from this happening and have put up the defense mechanisms. Learn from me and protect your clubs and organizations!!


New Member
Boatman, it's REALLY unfortunate that happened to your buddy....I would have been sigificantly less diplomatic than he was after the fact.

I've always and will always treat PETA as a non-issue. The fact is, even if the unthinkable would happen... hunting rights being taken away... I would hunt regardless. After I got out of jail.... I'd do it again.....and again..... and again. I'm proud of my contribution to the conservation of our eco-system and will continue as long as I draw breath... no matter the "legality". PETA, as always, fails to have a clue. PETA will always remain a non-issue for me. ( Try as they may)


New Member
More PETA folks should get boat rides, just one way though.


I recently had a similar experience. I am a member/board member of the Black Hills 4 Wheelers. A 4x4 club. Our general meetings are open to the public since we are trying to get more resposnible people into the sport. We recently had to rewrite our bylaws because we were infiltrated by several members of the Sierra Club. They heard what we were planning to do for fun. They ruined 2 of our trail runs and 1 camping trip. Now it is mandatory before anyone goes to a meeting they have to go on 1 trail run and actually drive, not be a passenger. We also have them fill out an application and do a background check of sorts. Seems to me a lot of misinformed people will never be happy unless they are complaining about something.


Fall Guy

New Member
I would definately pursue legal action. If that doesn't work, beat his ass and film it - for "documentary purposes". I'll buy a copy. PM me for my credit card information.

OneCam, Bowman... can either of you two get this guy to fall over into a seizure?

Then maybe stabb him several times with a fork and "float" him down a river?
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