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Pheasant season


Active Member
Anyone else make it out chasing birds, yet? I went out quick this afternoon, and managed a couple on public ground. I'm pretty lucky to have a solid dog to keep me on them.

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PMA Member
Shot 1 opening day. Haven't been back out, but a bunch more corn out now, so this weekend should be much better.



Staff member
I am always worried if I pheasant hunt I may be prosecuted under the Endangered Species Act! :eek: Someday. Looks great fellas- so much fun!!! Delicious as well.


PMA Member
My hunting started with Pheasants as a kid. My grandpa, uncles, brother and dad all got together to chase them. We always came home with birds with an occasional quail too. Was a ton of fun. Feels weird even seeing one now. I've been hearing them once and a while from my tree stand, but they are few and far between, especially where I hunted as a kid in Madison county.


My hunting started with Pheasants as a kid.
Same here, it was the only thing Dad hunted. He was tapering off, as he told stories of “the good old days” when he could limit out walking a hundred yards of fence or so. We killed lots of pheasants together, never deer hunted with each other, though.

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