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Pheasants anyone?


New Member
It's also a family tradition in our family with Uncles, cousins, brothers and our kids. We did pretty good...shot 27 on Saturday and 30 on Sunday. All before noon both days! They are coming back...


I watched some pheasants flying around Saturday morning as I was in the tree stand. I heard shots off in the distance and it dawned on me it was probably opening day. Back in the 70’s and 80’s, I wouldn’t have missed opening weekend for anything.

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Active Member
The numbers are definitely up in this area. We finished harvesting corn yesterday and the last 35 acres had at least 25 roosters fly out. Haven't seen this many birds during harvest for a long long time. Also caught 2 trespassers. Grrr. Takes some balls to walk a crick you don't have permission to with a combine right next to it.


I get burnt out sitting still after a while. Pheasants have been great this year!

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Staff member
I can’t wait!! I do love pheasants. When I was a kid (14-16 or so) - I used to deer hunt until pheasant season opened. Then went out every day of pheasant season & no deer hunting. I still love it but not a lot of birds around still. More but not a lot. The continued CRP sign ups should bring the populations up a lot. This is 3-4 years ago and I get one picture like this a year usually.... so fun!!

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Active Member
Still go out a few times a year, just enough around here in pockets to go after but the action is hit or miss on finding them. Pictured is my 14+ year old Brittany who still likes to go out but only has a couple of hours of running in the tank so hunts are pretty short. Planning on getting back into it a little more and have a new pup coming after the first of the year. Have always ran Brits but going to try a Wirehair this time around.

2020 Pheasant.1.jpg2020 Pheasant.2.jpg


I raised GSP’s for a bit, had a Viszla that was awesome, friends family has long history with Weimaraners. Love watching dogs work.


Super Moderator
Awesome pics. Love the Britany pics, brings back some awesome memories. pretty cool that at 14 she still goes!!
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