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Planting times?

Tim Hull

PMA Member
I always want to plant mine late in may but then you can miss out on some really good rains and then June nothing. So I always try to plant my beans when ground temps are in 60s and around 1st week of may, just because I have had bad luck with no rain in June several times.


Active Member
FWIW we are probably going to start planting commercial corn this weekend if the forecast holds. We would be planting beans at the same time if we had a second planter. The trend for farmers is to plant beans early for the best yield, some even planting before corn. Might be different in a food plot setting. Are the beans treated or bare seed?


Super Moderator
Staff member
One thing I like to do is to plant beans very closely to ths same time as the surrounding area ag beans. (If you have ag near by which most places do)

If you plant before surrounding beans the plots get hammered by deer pressure. If you plant much later they will feast on the younger plants.

All things equal I shoot for 1st week of May, weather pending.
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