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I had a conservationist minded legislature reach out. Talking again on the Forest reserve issue. which folks- saves forest- the little 6% we have remaining, water quality, soil, keeps taxes bearable to some after a 20-30% increase 2 years ago, costs PEANUTS in big picture, etc.
Wants me to send unfiltered (appropriate but honest) thread to show what general public has to say in a forum like this. See below. Read this, do a tiny bit of research, understand this and comment with your feelings on this thread please.....



It is going to be a good fall!
This would be a killer if they taxed the timber like they do ag and other ground? It is high already.


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Not a fan of this at all- We bought a 16 acre acreage. Half of which was in the timber program. Its a nice incentive to be able to have that, and not have farmers encroaching the house/yard. We are actively going to be planting another 350 trees in the coming weeks, and planned on it for a few more years....Why buy trees to plant, and then get taxed out the nose at this point? They just cant leave well enough alone...
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