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PMA big buck contest! 2021… details…


Staff member
Curtis posted this. I’ll copy & paste. We are going to also have a youth hunt prize & “best deer story” for a successful hunt (not score dependent).
last year - we had $2k worth of prizes. A mount from Rheinertson taxidermy, Treestands, sticks, Buck Hollow gift card, etc. again- a lot of $ in prizes that’s all about fun & PMA giving back. That’s all that’s needed …. Join pma - you are entered- here:

Last years contest was phenomenal. Can we top it this year? Entries will be posted here. I will be helping Skip run this per usual as he’s a busy man.
Let’s keep it the same:

GROSS SCORE of any bucks in any season - Prizes 1st to 8th place. Additionally, recognition and "something else for winner in each category" here:

Let's make it simple and do it this way..... We'll do prizes based on Gross scores from any category: 1st through 8th place. 1st place gets 1st choice & so on....

Working on prizes now. Likely all PMA dues will purchase prizes + sponsors + the rest Skip will fund as I’m a broke man. I honestly think we’ll get some amazing prizes this year.

Post up anytime or By Feb 1st deadline. Any PMA members or kids of members for youth season or other seasons.

Prizes to be announced later. As Skip says “Good stuff and it might be “out of the box” prizes. You will be impressed.”

SIDE NOTE: IF you are interested in offering a prize for the contest- send me a message or [email protected]. Flexible on working something out with someone who could benefit from the site as well. Again, IW won’t take any financial benefit but we sure don’t mind if others do and welcome businesses, etc.

Good luck to you guys!!! Enjoying the season is the most important BUT we have the contest this year for some fun & congrats to the lucky hunters!!!
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