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Staff member
2020 PMA MEMBER BUCK CONTEST!!! CHOICES,1st place to 6th, 6 PRIZES listed in no particular order, 1st prize chooses any of these & so on....

1) A FREE MOUNT FROM REINERTSON TAXIDERMY!!!!! A huge thanks to Brian over there who has done several of mine as a regular paying customer & done a fantastic job!

2) A Novix Echo Treestand & Sticks Package with Stick Quiver. Novix is part of the Lone Wolf holding company. This is their direct to consumer stand that allows them to sell the stand direct for less. It's very similar to my Alpha stand. Made in America, etc. Stand + Sticks + Stick Quiver!!! Approximate retail value: $429
Novix Stand.jpgNOVIX STICKS.jpg

3) Novix Echo Treestand. Very much like my Alpha Treestand. Same as above Treestand. Retail Value: $239

***On the Novix Treestands, all Iowawhitetail members will be getting unique deep discounts on any Novix products. American made, premium quality, direct to you & IW members only will have the best prices & major discounts... More to come or you can holler at me and I'll connect you on this.

4) $100 Gift Card to Buck Hollow Sporting Goods. Thanks to Boyd & give him a visit!!!! Great deals on blinds, bikes, bows & awesome bow work, cameras, arrows, etc!

5 & 6) Iowawhitetail Gear Gift Box... We will be stocking up soon but right now we have black long sleeve, Orange T's, Pink T's, Decals & a few sweatshirts. Stocking up soon.... I'll send out a gift box with an array of IW GEAR! Approximate value: $100 for each.

TOTAL PRIZES THIS YEAR: OVER $1,500 for PMA Members!!!!!

Join by December 25 if you haven't. In the following years, will need to enter by Sept 10 or so but we'll allow some extra time this year. Enter your bucks with score & weapons in the PMA section of the site. Winners announced February 10. INFO ON JOINING:



Staff member
Keep posting them up!!! Should be simple too now with different options to post pics. Best prizes in IW history here!!!!!!! Keep on posting em in pma section


Staff member
FEBRUARY 10!!!!! Get em up in pma section!! Some SLAMMERS posted up and entered. Wow. Get em up!!!!!
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