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Active Member
Appears I might have a little pokeweed growing in one spot. Is this stuff desired at all for anything or if it best to kill it?

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Life Member
I had one poke weed pop up several years ago. I read in the QDMA magazine that deer favored the plant so I let it grow. Huge mistake. I have never seen any evidence that anything has ever touched it. Now I have an infestation. I cut it out whenever I see a plant. They produce tons of seed so you will be cutting and cutting and cutting. I have sprayed them in the past with 2,4-D with as I recall good results but I get a certain satisfaction whacking them down with a sharp machete and I don't always have a sprayer full of herbicide when I see one.

Your results may vary and the only reason I can see leaving it is if you, like Annie, plan on making poke salad. Some will get the reference and some will not.

This is what I call poke weed:



PMA Member
Pokeweed is a pain, also called inkberry, get rid of it. It's growing everywhere in my area, I believe pheasants like the berries but there haven't been any of them around here for 30 years and I never seen any evidence of deer chopping on it either.


Anything you need to parboil prior to eating (it’s toxic to people) isn’t worth the effort, IMO. Birds love the berries and the Indians used them as dye. Got some growing in a heavy deer area and they are untouched.

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