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Pre-emergent for beans


PMA Member
Short story, I plan on using a pre-emergent for beans this year, first time for me on that front. But, the chemical is out of stock at the moment, supposed to get some more in Tues/Wed next week. Do I dare drill beans in tomorrow and then follow with the pre-emergent spray next weekend? There would be a max of 5 or 6 days from drilling to spraying.


Life Member
many will kill the beans if they are only even beginning to peek through the ground.
This year my beans were coming up in only 4 days so my vote would be no


PMA Member
I forget the generic name, but it is Dual II Magnum like product. I suppose I will plant everything else and then do the beans next weekend. Thanks!


Well-Known Member
I forget the generic name, but it is Dual II Magnum like product. I suppose I will plant everything else and then do the beans next weekend. Thanks!
Check the label on what you are spraying, but it looks like dual II magnum can be used post emergence. If the generic is the same, then plant away.


Staff member
Dual or Metolachlor is absolutely fine pre or post. I suspect you are dealing with a combo that has something others that you need to spray pre only. Fierce xlt, Sonic, zidua pro, etc. So many options out there & each cocktail has a list of which herbicides are in it. Label will tell u to be certain like above.
*Regular 2,4-d on non-enlist beans needs at least 5 days sprayed before planting.

Pre’s that can be sprayed pre & post & make a good mix…. Or run with second pass if wanted…
Metolachlor (dual II) or acetochlor (warrant),
Prowl h20

I’ll run enlist beans (resistant to Gly, enlist 2,4-d & Liberty)…. I’ll burn down with Gly, 2,4-d & either fierce xlt (very careful on rates) or zidua pro. If u want to spray/plant same day- technically need to use enlist 2,4-d.

Second pass: Liberty, enlist 2,4-d, metolachlor & one more like prowl. 2 pass that’s wicked & I’ve never had an issue with seeding cover crops later. Is it an overkill for plots? Yes. But, over larger fields, it’s a game changer on weed control & reduced spraying.

I would say weed suppression is equally helped when: 1) PH is right 2) cover crops are used 3) weed control & cover crops have been done effectively for several years - gets easier.

All this seems complex but it’s pretty simple when get swing of it. A good pre-emergent down & spraying weeds post (with another pre) when they are small will yield great results.
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