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Purchasing Tree and Shrub Seed Mix


Staff member
I think I have it correct - looking for seed right. Few places…
[email protected] - mike. Has native stuff that would be ideal. He should get right back to u.

Can collect some of your own as well.
Also places like Sheffield’s seed, etc. & Treeseeds.com


New Member
Ernst has limited tree/shrub seeds.

I would like following if were available - Green Ash, American Elm, Red Maple, Red Osier, Cranberry, Staghorn Sumac plus any other that would be good deer browse in Central MN. Difficult to find in quantities for 10 acre broadcast planting. Quantities would like are 1/4 to 1/2 lb of seed for each specie. So far treeseeds.com appears to be best option. Could be a great business for someone to develop a deer browse mix of tree/shrub.
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