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Question about climbers?

Bowman D

Just bought a small chunk of land and am using a climber. I used to hunt public land and would take my climber with when I left, but now am letting it stay. Just curious on your thoughts about leaving the scent on the climber? The Buck I'm gunnin for seems to move every time I move my climber. He's always just out of range. Maybe just coincidence?


New Member
If you leave it out there then he will either get used to the thing or the smell will prolly go away. Maybe its you that smells funny to him. May want to try to get some skunk cover scent or something like that.


PMA Member
I'd be more worried about a trespasser stealing my climber than a deer getting sacred from the scent.

I've had my climber for around 6 years and I try to make sure to store it where I know it can stay scent free. I have a couple of select trees that I will hang and if the wind is right for the next day, I'll leave it attached overnight. Hasn't ever seemed to cause me any problems.

Meat Hunter

Life Member
Pull it every time . When you leave it at your tree it is at ground level . The deer can either see it or smell something that is not quite right . Remember you are in their living room now .


New Member
I would pull it off the tree at least. You could stash it in some weeds or something on your way in if you don't want to pack it (if you feel like it is safe) ... That way if need be you can go to different area without having to take down and setup.

If you really want to leave it there spray it down and stick a few leafy oak branches in it to brush it out.

Maybe throw up a stick ladder and a hang-on on your favorite trees then you could leave your gear hanging up in the tree. Use the climber to adjust for wind or circumstances if needed....
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