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Questionw for guys with fenced in plots


Active Member
Looking for info on fencers for food plots. I saw hooyman sells a 1/2 acre hot zone for little over $200. That seems cheap in comparison to an approximate price at Thiesens. Have 3 plots would really like to fence off. One is maybe 3/4 acre others are 1/2 maybe less. Deer typically hammer plots and we get little to no growth other than clover plots. Don't want to get carried away make an obscene investment.

What brand of fencers do you guys recommend?
Volts? Jules?
Solar vs battery?
Approximate cost for an acre?

Any other info appreciated?


Super Moderator
Staff member
I don't claim to be an expert as last year was my first year messing with E-Fence. I did research the subject pretty thoroughly and feel like I have it down now. Best advice I can give is buy LEGIT farm grade fence material. The stuff i've seen sold as "deer-fence" is twice as much money, or junk in comparison.

battery will have to be charged by solar. So your two options are solar/battery or permanent power source. 99% of deer people are using solar/battery.

I like legit metal posts. TIGHT lines


PMA Member
Was thinking about taking the plunge myself.
Ribbon vs wire?
Also, not sure it matters but I've seen both - for the fences, did you do outside low and inside higher or I've seen 2 equal height


Active Member
Agree with IBH, buy good materials. Most of the electric rope and tape sold in farm stores is not UV stable, sunlight will break it down in a few years. Electro braid is the best I have found, UV stable and copper wires. The advertised amount a fencer will power is for solid wire, using rope or tape will cut that by 1\2 or more.


Active Member
What volts/jules do you recommend. Looking at thiesens there is a wide range of fencers.
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