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Active Member
Looking for thoughts on a lightweight 4-5 arrow quiver that has dual grippers that easily attached and detaches from the bow as I like taking it off when in the blind. Shoot a HHA slider style sight so I don't want one that sticks out too far from the bow. Looking at low cost options. Kind of like limb saver products. Thoughts on trophy ridge, kwikee, truglo, bohning or any others? Currently have an alpine softloc and the attachment is getting a bit worn and seems to be making some noise. Thanks

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PMA Member
I got the Trophy Ridge one this year. I like it. The interior and exterior lights actually are useful. Pops off and on easily and keeps arrows solid. Assuming you know, but you will need the spacers that come with the sight for mounting that quiver and I believe most others. I had used a pack quiver and lost my spacers. Hha sent me some new ones.


Well-Known Member
I've always like the super simple quicker quiver.
I remove mine and hang it within reach once in a stand.
Easy,n cheap.


I also have a Trophy Ridge Hex Light 5 Arrow Quiver. It’s held my arrows well and is easy on and off. Although I take my quiver off when in the tree, I’ve also practiced with it on ‘just in case’ and haven’t noticed any extra noise or vibration. I’ve also used the light if I didn’t want to mess with grabbing another light and it works really well. It’s brighter than I initially expected and provides plenty of light to navigate while walking through the timber. Good luck!
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