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Red clover

MN Hunter

Active Member
For those of you with red clover plots. When are you mowing your last cutting of the year. And at what height are you mowing at?


Well-Known Member
I only plant red clover in Cereal Mix and plow down each fall for new plot , I use White clover if I am going to leave stand. Not sure what your plot looks like but deer normally keep it under control , Id just barely clip and keep 4-6 inches tall. Just keeping grass under control. Honestly I let some plots go and deer seem to still love being in there with a little cover :)


Staff member
Aug 20 to sept 10 would probably be just fine. Maybe 6” or so... should have some nice tender growth for hunting season.


Active Member
I just clip the tops, I mowed a couple weeks ago, but I have no idea what I'm doing either... lol. Medium red clover..

MN Hunter

Active Member
I have such terrible problems with pigweed and Pennsylvania smartweed I quit trying to plant white clover because by early September it would just be over run by weeds. I clipped the red clover about a month ago to a height of around 10”. It looked awesome, now I can see smartweed beginning to take hold. Not so much on the pigweed. I’m wondering if I should have sprayed about a week after mowing. It’s starting to put seed heads on now so I doubt and herbicide would make a difference. I’ll try mowing around Labor Day weekend to a height of 6” and see what happens. Thanks guys.
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