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Replacement string?


carters archery in st. joe missouri. Amazing strings and an absolute tuning guru. I made the 3 hr trip and will do so again this spring when I get my new bow. amazing service and attention to detail. google " crackers archery talk" should lead you to a whole lot of success stories.


Arrow Chucker
Dedgeez swears by Winners Choice. Lots of good strings out there. Talk to the guy that is going to put it on for ya.


death from above
I recently heard that Winners Choice was purchased by Elite, so I'm not sure how this will effect the company from a mass producing standpoint. Or if Elite has sole rights to the company? JJohnson can probably clarify.

There are a thousand different guys building "custom strings" anymore and with 99% of them using the same products or machines it's hard to differentiate between alot of them.

I actually left the factory string on my Element this year and after thousands of arrows it never twisted or frayed. If I go custom this time, I'll probably just have a local string builder build one for me. There are so many good ones now, it's really a personal decision.

Keep your bow tuned and your string waxed and I think you'll be fine with most of them :way:

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