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Rotary Mower Suggestions, few questions


Staff member
It's starting already with buying all the "junk" I gotsta have! /forum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif , I just bought a 4 row JD planter today. Urgently going to be looking a rotary mower. *I have a 5103 JD 4wd, 45 hp and I think PTO hp is around 38? 540 pto I believe.

OK, SO....
1)My back-end is 80" SO to cover the tire tracks I'd need 7 footer BUT, not sure if my tractor would be ok with 7' (does have cat 1&2 3-pt), not sure if I can find a 7 that will allow for 38 hp from PTO?

2) MAIN QUESTION, few people said to stay away from "cheap" rotary mowers like at Tractor Supply, they also said to "not get the shear pin/bolt BUT rather get a slip clutch and stumpjumper". Agree????
Which companies have solid brands and which brands would you stay away from??

My main thing is, I want as big and bad as I can get, I have that personality of kinda tearing stuff up and being rough on my stuff, I put it to the limit, let's say I might push trying to hack-up some bigger trees. I want reliable as I can get- good quality. It'll also MAINLY be used for mowing food plots, native grasses, paths through brush. I also will be using it to turn whole deer into Deer Burger. /forum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

BOTTOM LINE- where can I find what I am describing above, the best quality BUT at the best prices, do you know any good places for great deals or advice on getting "this mower" that I'm describing for a good price? And, ya'll have any price ranges on what you think I'll be spending? Should I go used? THANKS!!!


Super Moderator
I've got a "hand me down" that is 30 years old...so I don't exactly keep up on what is best anymore.

To me Bush Hog has always been a gold standard but there are many good ones out there.

There should be others on here who have purchased on in recent years that can give better advice. /forum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif


Super Moderator
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: ajadams</div><div class="ubbcode-body">http://www.bushhog.com/ContentFiles/Documents/Specs/RC278.pdf I think you might be a little under powered for an 8 footer, and probabley too light. The 10ft on the back of my dads 4040 can get a little light in the hills. </div></div>

That's a good point...if you use a 3 pt hitch those things can be kinda dangerous on these hills.

Mine is to big for my JD790 so I'm careful not to lift it completely off the ground except on the road.

Skips tractor is bigger but I still wouldn't over do it on the size. /forum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif


Staff member
I am thinking 7' mower. One thing I have really noticed- there's the cheap and LIGHT DUTY ones, then there's the Medium or HEAVY DUTY. I'd say PART of the difference is the cheap ones have the SHEAR PIN (which I don't know how those work or much about- I guess when you hit something it just breaks) where the medium or heavy duty have the slip clutch and stump jumper and can cut a heck of alot more BUT cost a heck of alot more, I'd say $2,500+ for a good 7' that is medium or heavy duty.

The part that confuses me is how much PTO power is needed. I know I have a 540 PTO BUT some of the medium or heavy duty say "60 HP" PTO, I guess I obviously would not have enough power considering mine is 38 hp pto.

From what I can see, it looks like I am looking at $2,500 like i said for anything medium to heavy duty that has slip clutch and stump jumper. If anyone knows of something used or a great deal, let me know, I was sort of looking forward to purchasing one of the many "$500" mowers it seems like from what I've read I will require much more AND if I don't get something "good" I could damage my tractor. Also, if you have specific models or brands (I looked through above links- THANK YOU!!!) you think I should get (OR not get!!!!) let me know, it's greatly appreciated!!!!

Field Service

New Member
Personally with 38hp I would think a 6' would be plenty... If you have to make an extra pass to complete the job, it's just extra seat time, which isn't a bad thing.

There seems to be a big price jump from 6' to 7' too...


Staff member
I've narrowed it down to the John Deere MX6 or 609 (going for 6') if I go with a deere (same as tractor) which both have slip clutches and stump jumpers. Every farmer I spoke with said "DON'T get cheap mower OR one with Shear pin", "spend the extra money". I am looking at around $2,500-2,800 NEW. Hopefully I can find used, found a 609 for $1,000 but I have to drive to get it (200 miles).

My other option is to go with a medium or heavy duty Brush Hog, looking into those as well. Slip Clutch and stumpjumper models- similar prices I THINK but I am having trouble finding dealership or decent amounts of used ones for sale.

Wanted to at least pass on what I have found through an over-kill of research on this! /forum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif If anyone has any other brands they strongly suggest, let me know, thanks!

*40 or under PTO hp (not regular tractor HP), I have found you'll pry have to go with 6' or under unless you get a LIGHT DUTY cutter.

Field Service

New Member
I'd like to echo Bush Hog as being bullet proof. Buy once cry once. My personal second choice would be a Woods HD.

I think the key is to stay way from the china made gear boxes that are so popular these days...


New Member
shlig1 I would go new if you can.
I have a new deere 5425 and its 80hp.I have a 72 inch mowing deck and its fine.I do break shear bolts so I would have a slip clutch for sure.

I have a 4 row corn planter without fert.I am looking for a jd 7000 4 or 6 row no till with fert boxes.not playing around anymore.

I have a allis chalmers 3 row nt drill which plants beans and other small seeds.



Staff member
Now you're just trying to make me jealous! /forum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif Just kidding. Man, you are about 3-4 years ahead of me on what I want to get!!!!
I just bought a couple things today....
-Bought a MX7 mower, it was near new BUT instead of like $3,200 I got it for $1,500 with a full inspection. Has Slip clutch and stump jumper. I was gonna get a mx6 but couldn't turn this down.
-Bought a JD 1240 planter for $200 BUT i already think that might not have been the best choice and I should have bought a 7000 as I realized it doesn't have plates- I guess I need to figure out if i should keep it now or not.

FULLRUT- what would you estimate for a range of price on a 7000 AND what kind of prices are you seeing on NT drills?

Again, I'm jealous and very impressed with your set-up!!!


Super Moderator
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">what would you estimate for a range of price on a 7000 </div></div>

I paid $1250 for mine but it requires dual hydraulics (unless you don't use the markers)

Heck just borrow mine if you don't find one Skip... /forum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif


New Member
I saw a handful of nice jd7000's in illinois from like 2500 to 4000 bucks.try

as for the drill I am going with a great plains NT605.
its right around 12 grand.that will plant small seed, native grases and large seeds like
beans and peas.

for me that will get everything done that I need.

the new toy on the top of my list is a bobcat t330 with tracks and a fecon head.
that way I can create small plots back in the timber.
I have been at it for 9 years and have upgraded equipment as I learned the ropes.
look at this planter jd7000


from my experience with corn is that you need to put the fert in the ground when you drill in the seed.
unless you get someone to knife in anhydrous.

I planted a 3 acre corn bean plot this year and you cant keep the deer out of it, no matter what time of day they are in there messin around.
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