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Round up residual?


I recently mowed a number of new fall plots ( mainly grass and weeds) about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I sprayed them yesterday and last weekend. A couple of them I disc after mowing mainly to test out a new disc. I'm planing on planting a few different plots. 1 a brassica mix. 2 a pea mix. 3. A brassica into a poor stand of beans mix which I also sprayed again yesterday.
I have a notill drill lined up for Fri but now am worried the round up may have some residual that may possibly kill my new plants. Any opinions or experience?

All help appreciated!
Roundup is a contact, translocated herbicide. When it comes in contact with any soil, even a heavy layer of dust, it binds to the organic matter and is unavailable for pick-up/movement to the seeds you are planting.
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