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Rut dates


New Member
New member here and first time posting. Me and a friend finally were able to draw for Iowa. We are hunting on family friends farm in Weldon (south central) Iowa. We went out early October and hung stand and cameras. We are getting some decent bucks but nothing over 140. We hunt Ohio and the southern state every year and don’t hunt too much crop. The properties we are hunting are cover in corn and soybeans with drainage draws. We are flexible on what days we can leave. Is it tough hunting large tracks of land with small draws with standing corn during the rut? They told us they would be done cutting by thanksgiving but we don’t want to go that late. Just trying to get some advice. We are traveling 15 hours so we are trying to pin down some good dates to get there to see that best action. Thanks for the help
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If it were me i would give time for crops to come out, communicate with your contact there into mid November. My favorite time to hunt “RUT” is 11/20 to 12/1.

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Crops are coming out earlier this year. I prefer hunting mid to late November as well. Seems to be more big boys moving then. If you don’t want to wait that long I doubt you’ll have many issues hunting the draws with the corn in.

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Hunting draws in standing corn the first week of November is very good! Deer will be in the corn and the draws. Personally if I only had draws to hunt, I'd rather hunt them with standing crops versus everything picked as the deer have cover coming and going instead of having to cross open fields for the most part. Plus that is the week with the most movement overall IMO.
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