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Rut report 2020


Well-Known Member
Shot a mature one on 25th AM. He was looking for love. I doe bleated and grunted to get his attention. He looked my way and began licking his nose to help him smell who I was. He went from 80+ yards and walking away, to 15 yards walking into me. The seek phase has begun.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Afformentioned buck and his doe.

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New Member
I have logged 40-50 miles this past weekend pond jumping ducks and I have not seen 1 Buck bird dogging a doe yet. I'm still seeing groups of does with there fawns feeding together. I'm in SW Iowa FYI.


Staff member
Light seeking. Mature bucks a combo of feeding + scraping & pushing off smaller bucks. I’ve seen a few buddies have bucks on does that coming in early but exception of course. Timber in am’s when cold now & PM’s closer to food & mature bucks sure on feet in daylight. Nov 5-20 still my go to days.


Well-Known Member
I'm out n about everyday in one of the best "big buck"area in mn.
I've seen zero chasing. Bucks n does are out feeding together.


PMA Member
Been seeing a couple yearlings on there own which leads me to believe there are two does pinned down with a buck. Not many buck on the trail cameras recently and have not seen any chasing. Last evening I saw 8 yearlings, 5 doe and 3 buck just grazing in close proximity, one mature buck. I expect things to explode the next several days.

Wapsi Tree Rat

Well-Known Member
Looking out the back window right now I see one lonely doe slowly working back into to her bedding area. Normally there is a group of 6. That tells me what I need to know. I should be hunting instead of going to work!


PMA Member
SE IA the younger bucks have been bird dogging does like crazy the last week. Havent been out since Sunday evening so I would guess its getting hotter by the day.

Trail cam photos from this week indicate that there is at least some "following" going on. Bucks are getting their picture taken in daylight a pretty fair amount.


I've been driving gravel roads just before sunset recently and I'm seeing mainly does crossing at grassy waterways, coming out of standing corn. Some smaller bucks, nothing eye popping yet. 2.5 year old buck standing out in a wide open harvested bean field last night.


Life Member
Noticed Change in last 3-4 days
- More Mature bucks on their feet in the daylight
- Bucks starting to sniff tails and very light, short chases on some does
- lots of lip-curling with the bucks
- Not full rut yet but better activity than i usually see this time of year - most likely due to the record cold temperatures
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