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thanks! And I might go,,,is too early I know to plant rye,,oat,,winter wheat,,but hey,,, They are talking rain maybe and cool temps next week. It could grow and become woody this early. On the other hand the way deer ate my Brass down to nubs,, they might keep the greens munched in check too. Hard to know what to do with the up nd down wet or dry forecasts. Once this cool air takes over it is supposed to become dry again.

Wi transplant

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Put mine in the ground last sat ! Finaly got rain yesterday. Only 28 days before opener I dont think to early they will eat it ! Not much green out there with the very dry august ! Just my thoughts!

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Wheat and rye tomorrow, it'll wait for rain.
Year old rye 90% or higher germ rate I'd guess, stored properly.
I had 4 year old oilseed radishes I planted this year and they came up great. I didn't do the napkin germ test but the field is showing good results.


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