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Safety harness?


Active Member
I’m in need of a new safety harness. I prefer one that’s easy on and off, not bulky and has binocular holding capabilities. What’s everyone’s go to?


Well-Known Member
I just picked up a tree spider to replace my HSS Lite that was expired. Very happy with it.


PMA Member
I just went with a muddy. Havent seen one with a bino holding capabilities that I'm aware of. I just put my bino harness over the safety harness


PMA Member
I might be the only unhappy tree spider owner there is. I would not buy it again. Far more complicated than necessary, the straps self loosen and it had about 4' of extra step dangling everywhere once I was in it. I ended up sewing the straps up with fishing line to keep them from constantly loosening as I walk.
I ordered mine on line after reading great reviews on it. Maybe there is more than one model of these and I got the wrong one?


Land of the Whitetail
I use a muddy harness. I like it. It's light weight and very simple to use. Comfortable, I really don't even notice I am wearing it. I can't speak for any of the other brands out there, its all I have used.


Staff member
HSS - mine is simple, light & breathable and just super fast & almost impossible to tangle. Love it.

I will throw this out..... I have a pile of about 150 harnesses that came with treestands of past.... I'd like to start the bidding on the whole lot!!!...... For all 150+ of them!!!!..... Do I hear $2?????? $5?????? ok..... $1 takes all 150 of them!!!! :) think they all got trashed!!!.... Thank you attornies for increasing cost of stands, creating trash & putting in a costly product NO ONE USES!!! ;)


Active Member
I am a fan of the muddy harness.

Also skip on the pile of crap harnesses I totally agree but do find a use for all the tree strap pieces. I use wire or a modified tree step and use them in stand as anything from bow hangers, pack hangers, or whatever else. I actually like the harness that came with lone wolf stands for wearing under your outter layer. They were nice and lite.

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Active Member
Used HSS Lite this year. Simple and lightweight. Recommend it. For Bono’s, Hane found RYO to be perfect for my needs—especially when harness is under my coat.

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Another vote for Muddy harness. I have it under my coat anyway so my bino harness can go on the outside


Active Member
I've got the tree spider easy to get on and off. It doesn't work well with firearms because of the big shoulder straps

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