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Scout guard issue


PMA Member
I am having another issue with one of my scoutguards. Actually, it is probably a card problem. After seeing all the tracks in front of my cam this morning I was pumped to see my 1st snow videos. When I put the card in my computer it freezes up my windows picture viewer. I then put the card in the cam and the remote wont even work with it in the cam. It is the Kingston card that came with the cam. When I stuck a Ridata card in ,everything works fine.
My question is , could the cold have killed the card, the camera, or do they sometimes just go bad. Is there any way I can get any video off the card or am I screwed in that aspect.
I am planning on putting the cam back out with the Ridata card but I don't want more disappointment next time I check it.


Don't know for sure what happened in your situation but in one of my scoutguards a similar thing happened. I pulled the card one time with a fresh scrape just made in front of the camera and had no pics. I thought maybe I needed to format the card so I did. Put the camera back out and got a lot of messed up, blury pictures. Put a new card in the camera and presto it works. I marked the card and only used it in my moultrie cameras and it has worked fine. Later I figured out what happened. The card wasn't deleting some images from earlier in the year and was actually putting two images in the same pic. One that was deleted before and one that it took recently. One image would be upside down and one was right side up. I eventually got them to delete, but continue to only use that particular card in my moultires. And BTW it wasn't a kingston.


Life Member
I had a cheap card issue that was draining my batteries on the camera. I found on the Trophy Cam by Bushnell they say to only use SanDisk cards and to use the feature in the camera to format the card. Give that a try and see how well it works out. Trophy Cam and Scoutguards have the same guts or so I have been reading anyways


I can't help ya but mine is a covert and it keeps taking pics that are all white...anybody know what that problem is??

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