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Seed Sellers


New Member
Howdy - I have some property near mt. Pleasant in the SE corner of the state, but I am coming from the Iowa City area this weekend. Anybody have some names of places where I can get some red or ladino clover inexpensively? I checked a few places out locally that want 25 bucks a bag for a special deer mixture(about 3.5 lbs), I am looking to find red/ladino and mix it myself to see how it will grow. I have heard red seed can be had for under 4 bucks a lb. I'm not a farmer so I don't know where all the co-ops are(if that is the way to go).



PMA Member
try the co-op in Tiffin, Iowa. Just NW of Iowa City along HYW 6. They have a great selection of seed at a reasonable price. Pm if you are interested in any other types of seed. I get some low germination% seeds (corn, soy beans, etc.)at a discount.....usualy free from a seed dealer in my neighborhood. I will give him a call and see what he has on hand.

Good Luck



ladino clover is more expensive than red clover. The ladino will not bring more deer in but it does have more protien. I only put ladino down every 2 or 3 years but I do cast red clover every year. Just a thought.
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