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Seeding clover into soybeans...

MN Slick

PMA Member
We are enrolling a small field into a pollinator mix program the spring 2021, keeping .5 acres out for a food plot. Due to the size and location clover is the logical choice. The field is in beans now. I'm wondering if it would work to sling clover/chicory into the beans this coming weekend. Obviously there won't be much sunlight getting to ground so I'm not sure if it would work?

Frost seeding or waiting until fall 2021 and planting with rye are other options but I thought maybe we could get a jump start on it.


PMA Member
I would say your better off to wait until the beans begin to yellow(a few more weeks) and broadcast with rye into the beans...with some moisture you should be off to great plot come next spring


Active Member
I echo the statement above. Wait till the beans start to yellow and then broadcast rye. Could possibly throw in clover too and use the rye as a nurse crop? Not sure if that would work or not.


Staff member
^^^Agree. Hopefully they planted early & yellow early.
one way around to get clover going well NOW.... spread in Rows that are eaten down or open or sparse. Usually is some areas like that now. Then do rest in rye, clover, etc as yellows. Then- frost seed more next feb/March. I’d try find some places u could spread now though.

MN Slick

PMA Member
Beans were planted late, June 11 or 12. I didn't think of slinging rye along with the clover, will do that whether it's this weekend or in Sept. I'll check it out this weekend and make some game time calls.


New Member
I would stray away from the clover as well. Unless you plan on very heavy tillage before you get your pollinator going, the clover can sometimes hinder the establishment of your CRP.
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