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Seeding Your Lawn


We have finally completed a backyard remodel and now it’s time to plant grass seed. Am I wasting my time planting seed now? Could I put grass seed and add something that will start to come in? It doesn’t have to be a perfect lawn before snow flies, hoping to have a little something so it’s not just mud. Any thoughts or ideas would be great.

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Lucky 13

I've been in the fertilizer and seed business for 12 years now. you can try this late in the year but most likely you will have poor results. anything that germinates and sprouts will most likely be killed if we have a hard winter. I would recommend waiting till spring at this point or you can Frost seed it in February.

that being said, grass seed is pretty cheap so you're not really out much either way.


PMA Member
I seeded some bare ground in my yard about a month ago and have had excellent results in re-establishing the grass there. But at this stage, I think you might be too late to ensure success. If this is an area though where your dog/kids/etc will travel over, I would recommend putting some straw down now. In the late winter, a truly bare area will likely be a mud trap...with a layer of straw over it, you will get far less mud in the house, etc.

As someone said, grass seed is cheap, so I would try it. But I would for sure "straw" it now.


Active Member
Been doing lawn care for a long time dad did it for 30 plus yrs. Depending on where u live but I wouldn't. I tried talking a friend out of planting his on Oct 1st. There is only a few sprouts of rye. We r in NW Iowa. If ur going to frost seed u need to wait to ground temp is colder
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