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SF 427 An Act related to deer population management


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Bill and amendment passed the full committee.

In his opening comments Senator Greene stated that the bill tips the scales back to favor farmers, landowners and the citizens of Iowa who have been putting up with nuisance deer on their properties and along the highways for many years now. He went on to very briefly explain the bill and the proposed amendment. The amendment was opened for discussion. Senator Dotzler spoke on the amendment and called for more representation on the committee that will review the deer population in Iowa and asked that the Iowa Bowhunters be included. He also stated the bill needs more work but he supports the amendment. The amendment passed. In his closing remarks Senator Greene stated the DNR will represent the Iowa Bowhunters as they always do. He called for a vote, the vote was not unanimous in favor but the bill was passed and is now eligible for Senate debate.

It was exceptional that a Senator requested a specific NGO, in this case the IBA, be included in the study. My hope is that the bill fails to pass the Senate so we don't have to worry about who is and isn't on the Committee. The last time, in 2008, when a committee like this was formed it opened the door for a lot of bad stuff that the IBA was able to beat back. Too bad the guidelines set in 2008 have been working well for 13 or so years and now they want to "tips the scales" the other way.

I guess that is my round about way to say the IBA is the NGO voice for deer conservation in Iowa and if you aren't part of that voice you really should be. If you are already a member, thanks, we are working hard for you.

Link to join the IBA: HELP US HELP YOU

Link to the video of the meeting, jump ahead to 2:40. 25 (this is the actual time of day not length of the video) to hear the remarks: VIDEO OF MEETING it takes a few seconds to load.
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This bill has yet another number. It is now SF 581, link to the bill: POPULATION CONTROL

The bill contains the amendments noted above. There is still a mistake in the explanation about allowable cartridges for the late antlerless only season.

The bill is listed as placed on the Ways and Means calendar.


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A fiscal note on this bill was published today.

Link to fiscal note: UNFUNDED MANDATE

To accomplish all of the changes the bill mandates it will cost the Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund $97,000/year.
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