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Shot from underneath me!



Friday morning I had two birds gobbling at me. I moved off a logging road to the one that sounded most interested, but he flew down to some hens. The bird I thought was just giving me a courtesy gobble was coming in, so I started working him. He had cut a large distance and was definately committed. I heard him gobble from what sounded like less than a hundred yards. 30 seconds later--BOOM!

Some dude snuck in between me and the bird and shot him. He never called once. I figured it wasn't a good idea to confront somebody considering how PO'd I was so I just packed up my decoys and left. When I got to my truck, there was another truck parked next to mine--so I know he was got there after I did. He knew I was there, he knew what I was going on. He probably went back and told all his buddies what a masterful job of calling he did.

I'm bowhunting so I have lots of time left. But it still really jerks my chain. Thanks for letting me vent.

Birds didn't gobble worth a hoot all weekend in Buchanan County. Mosquitos are the most vicious I've seen since my last fishing trip to Canada. Don't go into the woods without 100% DEET!


PMA Member

YIKES! Stories like that scare the snot out of me. Was this on public or private land? Anyway, good luck with the rest of your season.


This happened on Public ground. I have private land to hunt but the landowner has been very specific about driving down his lane when it's wet. (It's a very long, long walk from the road to the timber.) Every day I hunted over the weekend it has been wet so I hunted on Public ground.


New Member
Don't feel to bad, my hunting partner took a Jake about 4:15 Sat. afternoon. We sat up together and were calling to some Tom's going to roost about 7:00 pm, we had three coming in from opposite sides. They were close when I here someone yelling at us from up on the ridge. He was wandering around on my ground trying to find his way back to the property line. Then to find out later he did not have there permission either. In Davis County they only gobbled about 5 min. then we never heard another word until the were going to roost that night.
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