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Shot Placement on Turkeys


Took awhile, but here are my opinions on where to shoot a turkey with a good expandable. If all else fails, shoot them in the head.



Did you paint that dot on all the gobblers out by me? That had to be what I needed. Maybe, just maybe, I'd be able to hit one now.

PS. I prefer yellow over red.


Sorry it took so long, sorta been on my "IW to do list" for quite awhile. I just hope it passes Limb's inspection.


New Member
Mud.... been away from the site for a long time.... first time saw this post......nice buddy.... really nice!


I heard somewhere, not sure who said it, but they said with a bow "shoot high and watch them die..shoot low and watch them go"


Active Member
yeah i guess if you would shoot too high you would have more of a chance of missing the head and if you shot too low you just hit their feathers so kind of find the medium and go for it.


Life Member
If all else fails, shoot them in the head.

[/ QUOTE ]

If you want it dead....lop off its head with the guillotine


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This Skeletal Turkey Anatomy may assist all of us to understand what is under all those feathers.



UL Shelter/Stove Geek
I heard somewhere, not sure who said it, but they said with a bow "shoot high and watch them die..shoot low and watch them go"

[/ QUOTE ]
Yep, I have heard that too. I have heard that it is hard to shoot them too high.


Bowhunting Addict
If they are strutting it is NOT too hard to shoot them too high

I found that out the hard way last season... shaved the feathers right off his back only to have him run 50 yards away and gobble for approx. 10 minutes then walk off.... couldn't convince him to come back in for a second round

Crimson Arrows

Well-Known Member
Bout that time. Keith Beam and BJ from Double Bull actually coined that phrase. Doug Crabtrees Father, one of the best turkey hunters in the world sat me down in Florida last year and explained that if you "Aim for a seaM' they will always die. If you look at the EXCELLENT images abone, most of the circles center on a "seam", where the lines intersect. Works like magic no matter how they face you!!!!


PMA Member
Here are a few more pics I've come across for shot placement sorry about the quality.

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