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Show on all habitat, conservation, building a farm - no deer hunts - any interest?


Staff member
Question & scenario for u guys...
I don’t watch hardly any hunting shows anymore. A few of buddies that make em or on em & that’s about it. There is some good ones- no doubt. Some I don’t care for. All good either way- just not my major passion or what i watch as I get older.

Few “folks” have gone over something.... through this out there. Would u guys tune into a show (youtube, maybe on streaming, etc) that’s all about farms, conservation, transforming specific farms, soil biology & conservation/improvement, tactics on hunting & managing. Land stewardship, Native grasses, tree plantings, timber management, equipment options, hunting set ups. Maximizing small farms.

Say u followed the stories of 2-3 farms that started as “crap” & few episodes that lapsed time & methods that showed the results of redoing every square inch for example.

sponsorship or products in your face would be either non existent or incredibly low & mild/limited. Basically, $ is NOT the goal. More along the lines of teaching, doing it out of love/passion, conservation, stories of a few beat up farms being turned around, all dynamics of it & relating to wildlife & mature bucks.
The one part it would lack.... shooting a mature buck. So- would be everything else u don’t see out there.... most people watch maybe 5 mins of a hunt. It would NOT include that. Everything else. Would relate in some way to almost any landowner and also by permission folks or even hunting tactics- everyone.

just throwing it out there. Gut feedback?


I would definitely watch it! I was just on YouTube the other day looking for such content.

Although I’m sure you don’t need farms or volunteers for this idea and project, on the off chance that you do, I would volunteer my labor and our recently bought farm as an improvement project! And of course would want to cover your costs/labor...
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PMA Member
Yep. Shows like what you were doing on Midwest Whitetail. Explaining things like hinge cutting, what fertilizer to use on a plot, etc.
I search those shows/vids out to learn and would love more of it.


Active Member
Definitely! Always looking for learning. If you watch any regenerative ag channels on YouTube, they seem to have a ton more subscribers than most hunting shows. I thing there would be a market broader than hunters for this.

We also recentLy purchased a farm. Part of the process you might highlight is the learning process, experimentation, the options and why you choose to implement one strategy/technique over another.

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Absolutely. It would be great to have youtube content such as "Planting Alfalfa for Deer." I'm thinking a multiple episode series where everything a habitat manager would need to know about alfalfa plots would be presented. Really get in the weeds regarding broadcasting v drilling, micronutrients, PH, varieties, dormancy.


Well-Known Member
yes. the most recent series I watched that I found intriguing was "Whitetails from Scratch" by the Dukarts in MN (Deer Society). They had/have a series about how they approached improvements on their initial/first family land purchase which was approx. 100 acres. Instead of being about land management on a gigantic farm, this series was about a farm that probably compares realistically to many first time land owners.


PMA Member
Count me in too. I love continuing to learn about habitat management and care of the land and so forth. I don't mind that the person(s) providing good content also make some $$'s while doing so, but if it is a non-stop commercial fest then I won't watch for long. Some sponsorship and product promotion is fine by me, but many shows are clearly just renting themselves to the highest bidder and those are unwatchable after a little while IMO.


PMA Member
You know...I might even be willing to be a guest host farm for an episode or two. :) For real, I think it could add to the flavor of such a show to sprinkle some variety in as opposed to all episodes being centered around one property. Just a thought...

Farm boy

When you know somebody and they're doing things and getting good results it's about the best teacher you can have.

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Active Member
i Spend about 90% of my time food plotting, 5% complaining about eq breakdowns and 5% hunting so definitely! Love the idea of following some guys/projects like a Build Alaska format!


Super Moderator
You know...I might even be willing to be a guest host farm for an episode or two. :) For real, I think it could add to the flavor of such a show to sprinkle some variety in as opposed to all episodes being centered around one property. Just a thought..
I think Loneranger should be the guest host!


Active Member
Yes.....Just like a lot of us use Dbltree's knowledge here.

My learning curve was reduced by 90% because of info on this site.


Active Member
Sounds like a great show to watch if one wants to improve their farms and their hunting.
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