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Snapping Turtles


PMA Member
No one would believe this but I think this summarizes my childhood - 7 to maybe 12 years old!! Bro & I filled my parents house with turtles frogs snakes and lizards.

Ah yes, my childhood was the same Skip, anything I could catch went home with me. Mom didn't like the 6' black snack or the groundhog I put in the summer kitchen, he chewed through the door a day later :eek:. I even collected a few dozen different turtles I corralled and fed in the back yard, mostly box turtles. We didn't have any toys back then so live ones were awesome! Didn't care for using the outhouse or bathing in a foot tub on the porch though. The good ole days!


Well-Known Member
The other week heading up to Cedar Falls there was a good sized one in the middle of hwy 58. Stopped traffic for a few minutes until I grabbed it by the tail and put it in the ditch . . . . You would swear the college age girls that stopped hadn't seen a snapping turtle before. . . . Taking pictures and videos of it
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