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Spacing on Shrubs/Conifers


I am planning a 1300 ft planting for road screening. I'm tired of trucks stopping on the road to glass my fields. I have sandy soil conditions and deer density in my area is pretty high because the local shotgun groups shoot mostly bucks.

What species of Shrubs would you reccomend? So far I'm thinking Grey Dogwood, Chokecherry and possibly Wild Plum. Conifers will be Eastern Red Cedar and some Spruce on the outside edge, was thinking two rows of Cedars and one row of Spruce.

Also interested to hear everyones thoughts on spacing.



New Member
I am working with the Iowa Soil and Water Conservation to convert 3 acres of hilly pasture back to trees with wildlife (esp deer) in mind. I wanted to do Red Cedar. The plan the district forester came up with is rows 10' apart with the trees planted 7' apart in the row (600 trees/acre).


It is going to be a good fall!
I have had the best luck with a 5 row tree screen or better. Cedar, Cedar, Spruce/Pine (caged if possible) and then one row of hardwood. That can be oak such as red oak that keep leaves on longer, or if you prefer to not have the deer walk that row, oaks will drop acorns in 10-15 years. I like Plum or Chokecherry for the shrub.
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