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Spypoint LINK-SOLAR Cellular Trail Camera


PMA Member
Finally an affordable cellular trail camera, the Spypoint LINK-EVO cellular trail camera. MSRP $ 349.99CND. The data plans are cheaper this year as well. Also new for 2017
is a cellular camera with unlimited battery life. The Spypoint LINK-S cellular solar trail camera. MSRP $ 599.99.CND. Spypoint now has a two year warranty policy on all it's trail cameras going forward from 2017 on.
Two Verizon compatible cameras coming this summer for the USA market. AT&T compatable this April.
Link-Evo $ 275.99 USD
Link-Solar $ 469.99 USD
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Staff member
So- one more to add... do u need to go into Verizon store or can u activate from computer & change plans online? I see the app & preacrivated SIM card so assuming but wanna confirm on that. Not going into Verizon store a big time saver & saves pain in butt waiting!!!!

K- so to confirm- If use some for like 4 months a year, unlimited per month is $30 then obviously right? Thx!


PMA Member
The Plans in USD are as follows : $5- $15- $25
This plan covers all LINK - Series Cellular cameras
The Verizon version LINK cameras will be out this summer.
Current cellular cameras work with ATT .
These cameras activate right out of the box. No dealing with cell provider.
Everything is done by Spypoint.
So Sligh, it would be $25US for three months, unlimited photos ie Sept/Oct/Nov and one month free, and 100 free photos at the beginning of each
month for 9 months of that year.


PMA Member
Is the link evo compatible with any of the spypoint battery packs? What could you expect for battery life with there addition if compatible?

Daron smith

New Member
Is the link evo compatible with any of the spypoint battery packs? What could you expect for battery life with there addition if compatible?

I acquired four (yeah 4) spypoint link S cameras. I’ve had significant problems with both the internal battery not holding a charge, as well as the four spypoint rechargeable lithium rechargeable back up batteries I also acquired for it. I have spoken to their “technical support” team located in Canada several times to no avail. I love the idea but I’m looking to return them because spypoint has not been able to assist in any meaningful way.

Has anyone else seen these issues? I’d love some feedback!
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PMA Member
I read your post about your LINK-S issues. I'm a Spypoint Dealer in Ontario and a Sponsor on this Forum.
Do all 4 cameras have the same problem ? What has the Tech line in Quebec suggested ?
I would like to help you out if I can . Have they suggested updating the firmware? Have they giving you a
RMA # to ship the cameras back ?
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