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Squirrel shortage?


Active Member
I have spent about 8 hours on stand this season in far northeast Iowa and have yet to see a single squirrel. Not complaining, but was there some sort of a die-off?


PMA Member
Fyi...we have squirrels aplenty but I only saw one last night. Many are seeing slow motion deer action right now and squirrel action seems to be running the same.


The OP's handle is perfect for a squirrel rut reporting thread. I'd say squirrel population is par for the course this year. I will say that most activity has been in a draw with apparently good walnut crop compared to the usual acorn ridges. One big bodied male about size of a small beaver following a female with a nut. Either she was hot or stole his best nut. Will keep updated


Active Member
Been hearing the same thing. Not much activity or sightings. Maybe because predator numbers are up? I know we are getting more predators on cameras.
November 6th, evening sit. Squirrels were thick all afternoon and even til dark. Lots of chasing and cruising. I hope lockdown comes very soon because it's hard to hear out there. I think maybe the mature squirrels will be on their feet today.


I'm seeing the same MNBuckHunter, lots of continuos chasing. Saw my #1 hitlister "Rocky" who I have 352 trail cam photos of, I'm fairly sure he's the one that's chewed on the Moultrie as well. But he's crafty and stayed on the other side of the tree. Needless to say the warm weather hasn't dampened the squirrel rut this year. Good luck to all you guys trying to fill your tree-rat tag.


It is going to be a good fall!
Are you near public land? Hmong hunters are very hard on squirrels on public ground. The MN DNR actually did a study with transmitters (trying to figure out why squirrels near public land were so scarce near the twin cities/metro area)...??

I am not joking! Every hunter in the state could have figured that out, but they had to do a study on it.


Active Member
Private ground just south of MN border. A few counties south they are all over. The "good news" is I spotted the flash of squirrel tail yesterday around 4 pm but that was it for the whole weekend. For now, all is right in the woods again.

If these deer would quit getting my hopes up... every time I hear what is sure to be a treerat scuffling leaves, it turns out it is just a deer. :)


I pulled a bunch of trailcam cards yesterday and it appears the squirrel population is not hurting in my area. :mad:
Saw a nice chase yesterday. Then one of them decided to have dinner. Saw it climbing a tree with an ear of corn in it's mouth. And here I thought it was the deer damaging the crops.


Active Member
Rattled two in with my acorn cruncher . Had a red tail poacher circling over head thought he was gonna snag a meal . Just a three year old and a doe , really hitting this Pioneer hybrid food plot though . Will update in an hour to see if bushy tail booners stroll by .

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