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SSB 3157 sales tax increase



12 years since IWILL passed via referendum and now there is an opportunity to finally fund it. Please hold your state senators accountable to fund IWILL with the proposed 1% sales tax increase, and not let special interests groups <cough> FB <cough> carve out “their share” away from our original intent of the referendum.


Life Member
I looked through this bill very quickly. Anything over 1 page and I lose interest. Somewhere down in the explanation I read that the local 1% sales tax goes away (sundowns?) so there shouldn't be a gain in taxes but I'm not sure when the local taxes go away. The taxes the local towns lose gets made up by the state increase.

Nobody wants to pay more taxes. Nobody wants to pay more for privileges. I guess it's pick your poison. At least if we pay more for privileges that money should go for that privilege.


Staff member
Timing is tough but, if I recall correctly (not sure, correct me on this) - we just did or are slashing state income tax by a couple % or so?
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