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Standing Corn killing my rut action


Active Member
Around both of my best spots. I've got about 500 acres of corn standing within 1/4 mile of both spots. Still been seeing a few good bucks(150s) but nothing fantastic. I know there's bigger deer living in the area. But ever since Oct 25, They've vanished, assuming just hanging out in the fortresses(corn fields) with a lot of does.

Anyone else's areas have a lot of corn in and struggling to see their target bucks???

(Its going to get to the point I hope they don't get the corn out till after the first and second gun seasons.) Will protect those deer.


Active Member
Same exact deal here. I should be seeing deer right now. Neighbor has a giant corn field just across the timber. Most guys finished harvest a month ago.


Well-Known Member
I've hunted near standing corn for 40 years. That used to be my excuse for year but now, if deer have undisturbed timber close by during the rut, they WILL be there.
When bucks are looking/seeking does, they actually LIKE some open timber.
Unless pressure is super high, deer don't live/bed/breed in it 24/7.


I thought standing corn was killing my action, then it came out Nov 8 and the property was still dead......

I'll try it again next weekend, since by then there will be more seeking by bucks.


It is going to be a good fall!
Had this happen in Missouri. I did see a few bucks come out of the corn. But it didn’t help .


PMA Member
I'd say they find most of them but you can definitely tell when you're gun hunting on late harvest years. Usually it's 100 percent food minded. When there's 500 acres of corn in a highly populated deer section there is plenty that get missed and late season looks like November 7th in a frozen tundra
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