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Strange.... very large % of bucks still in velvet


Super Moderator
Staff member
I'm noticing ALOT of bucks still in velvet. Some of my buddies are noticing the same thing. There are always late shedders, but this year is def different. I am curious why....


Well-Known Member
Glad you brought this up. I was going to ask if a lot of people were seeing bucks still in velvet like I am.


I pulled cards on Saturday, which the contents were rather disappointing. I did not see many bucks on it, most still in velvet. From the tractor, I did see a young locust tree that was all rubbed up, so someone is in hard horn.


Well-Known Member
There could be some velvet bucks shot during youth season, ive seen more in velvet than hard horned this week.


I have noticed the same. I have seen a number of mature bucks shed the last couple days.IMO has to be directly related to the very late spring this year. It should pan out well for some of the youth hunters as I think the very predictable Summer patterns will hold on an extra week or two.

My prediction is some Giants will be shot in September, as long as dad's are willing!


PMA Member
Not that unusual from my perspective. All bucks just don't suddenly shed by September 1st. Mid-September most all will have shed.


Active Member
I just checked cams today. Of the 6-7 different bucks that were on it all but 1 was shed out by 9-5. I'll check cams on a different property next week, but I don't think I'll see much of a difference.
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