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Turkey season was short but sweet for me this year. After two hunts of a combined 3 hours between getting myself a bird 2nd season and helping my brother get one during 3rd season I was looking forward to spending more time in the turkey woods during 4th.

My game plan was to get on a long ridge where they tend to roost and listen for gobbles to see if I needed to make a move. I decided after some early gobbles that I would set up so I wouldn't get busted if they were close. Birds started gobbling early and I was surrounded pretty good but nothing was real close to so right at shooting light I decided to close the distance on some birds to the north. I moved in about 110 yards and set up again. Birds were still hammering but it sounded like they were headed towards some fields after flying down. A few minutes later one gobbled closer and the next gobble was even closer. I got ready and soon saw him coming through the timber towards me. I had to raise up to get a clear shot over some close brush let him have it at 27 yards at 6:15am.

He's not a big bird but it sure was fun!
18lb 8oz
9 inch beard
1/4 inch and none for spurs
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Turkey Time
Congrats Drew! After the good or easier years helps one to forget the bad ones
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