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Tannery’s specializing in Africa hides


Active Member
Anybody know of places that would specialize in making “items” out of game hides here in the states. Looking for pillows, rugs, etc…asking for a friend. Always better with pictures. Thanks in advance!IMG_5150.jpegIMG_5433.jpegIMG_5326.jpegIMG_5316.jpegIMG_8299.jpegIMG_5202.jpegIMG_9283.jpeg

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  • IMG_5150.jpeg
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PMA Member
Perhaps this business will make them for you?



PMA Member
WOW! Lots of nice animals there, congrats! I don't know if the company below does African game or not, but I just came across them last week at the Iowa Trappers Association meeting and their stuff on display looked good to me. The gentleman was personable and seemed knowledgeable and conscientious, but I also have no personal experience with him yet.

Last Step Trap Supply & Hide Tanning
Mike Houk
Bonaparte, IA


Active Member
Sleepy Creek Tannery does a nice job tanning. I think they have connections with someone that sees fur too.

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PMA Member
I also recommend Sleepy Creek for tanning. They've done quite a few things for me. I'm sure he's got a hook up with a furrier to make them into what he wants. They have mittens and hats there made out of fox, beaver, skrats, and everything else by someone out-of Wisconsin so im sure he could point ya in the right direction
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