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Taxidermy recommendations anyone???


I have a shoulder mounted whitetail that has abit more meaning to me than others. We had relocated to that area of Iowa earlier in that year and I wasn't sure where to take this particular buck for a shoulder mount. The guy that I ended up having do the work does it full time and has more decades. However I feel like something strange happened with my deer, maybe he got behind and then rushed it. I have no idea but once again this deer has special meaning to me and not to mention we have to look at it on the wall everyday.
I am considering having him redone somewhere else this year and curious of others opinions and experiences with what they know or who they have used quite happily in the past. I live in south central Iowa and a very centralized location making travel to all areas of the state pretty convenient. Thank you ahead of time for any and all thoughts/recommendations.


Well-Known Member
I’d be happy to talk about the project and show you my work here in SE Iowa. Located right off the intersection of hwy 92 and 218. I have tons of spare capes and sure we could find one that’s close in size and color.
Reinertson Custom Taxidermy

Central Iowa

I can definitely give Reinertson a good referral. Picked up my daughters buck from him today. Not just a taxidermist but a true artisan with an eye for detail!


Active Member
I've been going to Marlin Hoch and have been happy. He does good work and the turnaround is unmatched. Hoch Taxidermy just north of Melcher-Dallas.
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