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" The Wall " ......... Iowans ????


Okay folks, I need your help. Two years ago my daughter took a class trip to D.C
I corresponded with a person from the "bowsite" and my daughter found his brothers name on the wall, traced it, and brought it home. He later sent a letter and a short bio, which was great.

In two weeks, my son goes on the same trip. Now, here is where you folks come in. I would like him to find an Iowan, whos name appears on the wall. My son would trace it, bring it home and hopefully get a photo to the name. If I receive more than one name, I'll give them to his classmates.
I realize this is far from hunting, but I want to make sure this generation of kids do not forget the sacrifices that happened in Vietnam.
I know it helped with my daughter when she read the bio, and realized the young marine, was just like any other high school graduate.

Old Buck

Life Member
I recommend everyone take a look at the link blake posted. Check out the details on one or more Iowan. I think it will help us appreciate the price paid by so many so that we can live free.

Old Buck


Thanks to all who responded, from the threads to the PM's. Blake, thanks for posting the website. I didnt even know that excisted. Please everyone, take some time to check that site out.
My son leaves for D.C. this Sunday, with a few names to trace from "the Wall".


Life Member
For many of you due to your age I am sure the Vietnam War is something you read about in a history book.

But with the anniversary tomorrow of the U.S. invasion of Iraq this link is a sobering reminder of recent sacrifices of Iowans:

web page


New Member
Both are excellent websites! It really makes you appreciate the sacrifices that people make for us. Good post guys, thanks!
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