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TheMadCatter’s 2022 Adventure Thread


Staff member
After ending the year on a high note, I’m starting it off good! I decided to go back to Illinois and work as the Lead Deer Technician. I’m excited for the opportunity to work with two new technicians. I want to focus on getting the Albino Doe from last season. She has a broken collar on her (again) and we need to get a new one on her.

I’m in the process of applying and looking at work options for the summer.

This fall I’ll be focusing on my hunting outfit and guiding hunters here in Iowa. My plans include applying for every Big Game draw and most species (besides Pronghorn) again. I’m hoping I draw a Wyoming Mule Deer tag and a Oregon Roosevelt Elk and Antlerless Colombian Blacktail Deer tag for this fall.

My tentative plan is If I don’t draw those tags I’m still planning to go to Oregon solo for most of the end of September to hunt Roosevelt with the bow and then hunt Deer with the Rifle until I’m successful on a mature buck.

My Greenland Muskox and Caribou trip was cancelled due to the Outfitter going belly up.

I’m not sure how much Western shed hunting I’ll be able to go on or turkey hunting due to the possibility of accepting a position back east.

It’s going to be an exciting year yet again and I’m sure plans will change and I’ll end up doing more hunting than I’m tentatively planning. But, that’s the current plan!

Got a couple mounts hung up before leaving Iowa too.
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Staff member
We had two deer go in the traps this morning, but, they didn’t go in far enough to trigger the door! They got super lucky and I’m sure they’ll make a mistake soon. We’re putting out another trap tomorrow and will be darting tonight now that it’s warmed up a touch. We’ve been having a bunch of Does come into one of our dart locations...crossing our fingers!




Staff member
We ended up catching the first deer of the season! We caught a young Doe and gave her some new bling.

We caught a buck this morning! Unfortunately, he escaped! He broke all the rings off of the trap and got out... It happens! One of my technicians missed another doe last night while darting too.



Staff member
Busy day! We’ve caught/darted three deer in the last 12 hours now. I had a Doe come into 12 yards and I made a great dart shot on her. She ran about 150 yards and went down. We worked her up in 8 minutes, record pace with just two people. We caught two more in traps and have one in the trap right now we’re gearing up to go to. It’s been an eventful day/night! Normally we wouldn’t take pictures without a “hood” on the deer because it stresses them out but, she was already wide awake and got up within seconds of the picture and we didn’t want her to take off with the hood.

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