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Thoughts on arming teachers?


Well-Known Member
Yep. Eliminating guns won't work, and is Unconstitutional. So, until we evolve to react and move faster than bullets, the best defense is returning fire, (a good offense). Anyone who attempts to murder another deserves to be killed. I feel empathy for whatever the shooter may have been dealing with, but because of his actions, I'm glad the little prick was taken out of the gene pool. I commend the resource officer for his quick and thorough response.


PMA Member
Does it not drive anyone else crazy that the media is trying their damndest to omit the fact that a good guy with a gun is what stopped this from being a whole lot worse, not to mention the multiple headlines just making it sound like another school shooting that claimed an innocent victim. Hopefully this makes the next school shooter change his mind


Well-Known Member
I wouldn't say that it drives me crazy, but I recognize that they're doing it to push their obvious agenda, and it's sad. The media also only briefly mentions that the shooter was armed with a hand gun, NOT an AR. If an AR had been used, the media would have been shouting it from the rooftops.
What the media, and everyone else, should be reporting on is:
1st: HOW armed terrorists are getting into our public school Gun Free Zones in the first place.
2nd: HOW to better neutralize the terrorists prior to them entering or soon after they enter.
3rd: HOW to better protect and safely evacuate hostages once the terrorists enter, prior to threat neutralization.
Instead, the media is a one show pony when it comes to reporting on this. "Eliminate guns." That mentality is downright foolish.


PMA Member
I agree with all your points. The most disappointing thing to me is after the Parkland shooting it was in the news for days if not weeks. One of the survivors still is. You hear nothing about this shooting today. All the news wants to push is Donald and Stormy drama. That happened 12 years ago. A few years before that Billy boy was doing the same thing IN the White House. They need to use every single one of these as learning experiences so that they don't happen again. And instead of glorifying the criminals with body counts, give the heroes who put a stop to these situations some positive attention.

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