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Thoughts on Facebook, in general and for here?


Staff member
First part is my lil rant on FB in general.... why I’m rarely on facebook, never on Twitter, etc.... Facebook & big tech, do not like hunters. They don’t. They censor things to no end & big tech/Silicon Valley have disdain for the rural, outdoorsman that hunts, fishes, is conservative, etc. Many of their members are “horrified” with hunting pics, posts and sites. I just really have a hard time wanting to join in to the CROWDS who enrich the very people that despise folks like me and u & our values.

The next reason..... good gosh, where do these idiots come from?!?! I mean- go read even on the “hunting pages” - I’m talking 25-50% of these people are glue sniffing, paint huffing braindead negative Nancy D-bags. I don’t know how some of u folks live in that “Facebook” or “wastebook” world every day. Mind boggling. I feel dumber every time I read through comments of certain pages. It’s sad and I personally can’t take it.

*not my intention to offend any of u Facebook junkies. I’m asking those folks if you agree though or your feedback.

On a different topic with these platforms, now- I get it.... it’s the monopolies of communication & places folks spend their time & lives. For some at least (sadly). IMO- spending a tiny bit of time there posting to keep the “young generation” who are great aware that there’s great things beyond Wastebook. IMO- we almost have to keep those folks aware & bring on high quality folks here & other sites that might hear of it from Fakebook, etc. what’s your thoughts or response? Limited amount of posting there to reach “the right folks” and hungry younger generation who want quality? We only want to recruit the right folks & a lot of the “idiots” for lack of a better term- can stay on Fakebook. Clearly we’re not Turning into a fakebook platform & supporting that. Just thinking out loud about the targeting, use of those platforms and direction when it pertains to this site. Any thoughts, opinions, rants or feedback is all good !!!.....


Active Member
I quit. I lost track of a few friends, and I miss seeing pics of friends & loved ones far away. But it’s worth it. Instagram, too. I won’t continue to support Zuck-censorship, Zuck-liberalism, Zuck-election-tampering, Zuck-influence-peddling. Zuck zucks.

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Wapsi Tree

Well-Known Member
The moment I was aware that I had somehow created a Facecrap account without my knowledge was the same moment I put a slug in it. End of story.


PMA Member
All the social media crap out there is the root of all the unrest and the kindling that fuels the fire and divisions in our country as far as I'm concerned. I'm been saying it for years and never joined any of them. This hunting forum is the only site I participate in for good reason!


PMA Member
I don't know how all this works but I'm done posting if my stuff is ending up on Facebook. I will in no way shape or form support those type platforms.


Active Member
I was a fakebook user for 5 years. I just quit new years day. I know it's an evil place, and have for some time. I'm done with schmuckerburg who censor, steal, tell you what you can say and can't say.... I hope they turn into the next myspace...Please don't link this site to fb in any way

PS, I was never on twitter and never will

I have however gone to Parler, and Mewe, where there is free speech. (im just trying them for now.)


Super Moderator
Skip has no intention to link this site to Facebook, EVER! I’m not sure how you are reading that into what he said. Period, end of story!!


I deleted my FB account a couple of years back. Never been on twitter or instagram. Trying to minimize use of Google/gmail (might have to get out the WayBack machine and get a hotmail account, LOL, Skip). Trying Bing as a search engine now. Duckduckgo is another option for searching. Mainly use Firefox as a browser. Have kicked about going to Tor.


PMA Member
I have a love hate relationship with FB. Great to keep up with family and friends, but more of a cancer on an overall scale in my opinion. I've almost deleted it multiple times. The censorship and suppression is blatant and leftists deny it. I was a part of a lot of fringe 2A groups; basically gun guys who have lost trust in the government and FB shut em all down. FB is trying to control people's thoughts and ideas and anything that is counter to them they will suppress as offensive and dangerous. They also limit viewership of certain pages if it is something they don't agree with. Just think, Biden said he thinks FB hasn't done enough....... Hold on fellas cuz these next 4 yrs will be very hostile to our community, gun rights and freedom of speech.


Well-Known Member
Facebook was the only 'Social Media' application that I used. When they began censoring my posts about Covid and Trump, I deleted all of my content and friends. My only FB friend today is my wife, so I have access to her pictures, and am able to use FB Marketplace. FB, Twitter, Google, etc. should all burn in hell for how they are trampling all over the 1st Amendment. Everyone should bail and let them financially collapse. Section 230 needs repealed immediately!
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It is going to be a good fall!
All the social media crap out there is the root of all the unrest and the kindling that fuels the fire and divisions in our country as far as I'm concerned. I'm been saying it for years and never joined any of them. This hunting forum is the only site I participate in for good reason!
You are spot on. No way we will ever have a civil society again due to social media. I remember when I was young in the 1980s. We never knew what was going on past the next community 8 miles away, nor did we care. Life was simple. Now everyone is always riled up due to getting smacked on Twitter, Facebook and others.


Well-Known Member
Apple and Google are threatening to pull Parler from their app stores. Stop buying Apple products, Google and Gmail. Samsung makes a good phone. Duckduckgo is a good search engine. I still need to get away from Gmail. I pray Trump plays an instrumental roll in starting conservative communication applications.


This is a fantastic thread and some VERY powerful and accurate statements made. So many thoughts and feelings expressed that I %1,000,000 support with everything I am. I have been many of these same things about social media platforms specifically Wastebook and twitter. They are a complete waste of time and sucking the life blood of our what used to be great country and citizens.......I could go on and on about these liberal democrat idiots running these social media platforms aiding the direction our country is headed. Disgusting!!


Staff member
Twitter - just declared war on free speech, opposing views & half the country they don’t agree with. I would NEVER use Twitter. Ever. They need a fight- which is like above stated - section 230 repealed. Folks must walk away from it, cripple it & I think millions will. Past that - this nation needs to act.... like many have been but we need more... we need to know & act based on the premise... TWITTER, China, big tech, liberal controlled media- these folks are not our friends and they are out to destroy & silence the opposition. These companies, parties, hostile countries are platforms which go hand in hand with history that we can all look back and see how it played out. Silencing half the voices. Or foreign countries strategizing & moving on how to cripple a nation. Our side is far more aware & woke to these threats than we ever have been. We have a long road ahead on these fights. These scum & enemies have won this BATTLE but the “war” (hopefully fought & won peacefully. & how the Cold War was won- done economically) will go on and our country has to win this long term. Im sick about the last 2-3 months and even the last 2-3 days. Our side isn’t perfect but our cause is America & freedom - the opposition truly is the destruction of this country & crushing the half they disagree with. Buckle up is right folks. Turbulent times are a coming. Sorry on the side rant but the news from last few days should be making millions of people change what they do with their time, support, $ & changes must happen from millions. We can’t lose this.


Life Member
Deactivated and Deleted Twitter
Need to do the same with Gmail
- anyone know a good alternative for email providers? -
-I wouldnt mind paying a small fee if it is secure and free from them spying on me
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