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TIP Contact Information

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The TIP program will be an effective deterrent to poaching and other illegal activities only if hunters, anglers, clubs, businesses and other individuals continue to support the concept by contributing to the TIP of Iowa, Inc. Reward Fund.

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There are only about 90 conservation officers in the state Iowa. Many of these officers cover up to two full counties and assist other officers in other counties. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources good citizens such as yourself are the key to reducing poaching. We can all help put game thieves out of business.

Remember, when you witness a suspected violation your goal is to turn in valuable information to law enforcement officials. Do not confront violators yourself; please do not put yourself at risk.

When you observe a violation discreetly write down as much information as you can to answer the following questions:

Vehicle plate number

Vehicle model and color

Description of the hunter

What the alleged violator did

Weapon used

Time of the violation

Location of the violation

As soon as possible call TIP of Iowa Hotline at 1-800-532-2020. This is a toll free number and will be answered 24 hours a day. You may remain anonymous if you wish. However, by leaving your name and phone number a law enforcement official can contact you for information that you may have neglected to tell the dispatcher. Leaving your name at the hotline number does not make it open to the public. It remains confidential. 1-800-532-2020, is entered into my cellphone. How about yours?

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